on-site labs

1 Hour Service

Our locations are fitted with the most modern and state of the art machinery.

We can in most cases have your glasses for you ready within an hour.

By keeping most of the production in site we can lower costs and pass the saving to you.


Repairs and Alterations

Our expert staff can adjust, repair and alter your glasses to fit in the best possible way. We have both the tools and expertise to fix and modify your glasses to work their best for you individual needs.

Regular adjustments don't just help your glasses fit better, but can also help you see better. Misaligned glasses can have a very negative affect on your vision.

contact lenses evaluation

Thinking of contacts? We can help.

Wearing contact lenses is more than just putting something in your eyes. Our expert and certified staff can help you get the most comfortable and healthiest use out of your contacts.

We can consult you on how to wear your contacts and not jeopardize the health of your eyes.

health insurance claims

Get more from your coverage

We can you help you maximize your health insurance coverage.

With our great experience and knowledge, we can help you get the most from your insurance coverage.

As a recognized health care provider we can navigate through all the necessary forms and procedures.

Ontario health benefits

Get assistance from OHIP and the ODSP

Working with ODSP and other government agencies, we strive to give you the best for your eligable assistance